Complete Audio Production Services

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A solid creative brief, technical plan, and production schedule with deadlines and thresholds ensure a great finished product. At NY Audio, we outline all the key elements and issues so that we are ready to roll on day one.

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Located in New York City, NY Audio has worked with the best talent in the world. Our roster includes award-winning actors as well as up-and-coming young voices. NY Audio prides itself on its ability to secure the right talent for the right role – from a completely foreign language cast or a complex ELL program with multiple accents to a specific cartoon character. In addition to tapping into our database of talent, we are always holding auditions so that we can present clients with a wide selection of voices.

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Editing Team

Our editors are in-house full-time staff, not random freelance hires. This ensures quality, consistency, and experience. We are not scrambling to find help for each recording or production.

NY Audio’s full-time engineers create flawless recordings. From basic microphone settings to overall acoustic design, our team will create the perfect sound for each project.